Choose a method which matches your team’s context

Discovering Wisdom in Living Systems Design

Hokusai’s The Great Wave off Kanagawa (神奈川沖浪裏) adapted into a meme about pollution

Whole systems are changing rapidly. What kind of education makes sense now, for ourselves and our children?

Education is the greatest preventative medicine for any kind of illness.

When our choice is between global collapse and a deal with the devil, what is the third way?

Where do I stand as a Digital Nomad? Where do I belong as a Digital Native?

Commons And Consciousness

Cosmic Energy by Remedios Varo (1956)

Who can we be in times of crises?

How Perennial Endings Shape a Permanent Culture — and Why That Matters

Art by Edgar Ende (pun unintended)

This essay is written as a response to the second book in my social permaculture reading list: Ends, by Joe Macleod.

The Conditions for Growing Peace

Naomi Joy Smith

Invoking wisdom & generosity, playing with permaculture in tech. Into weaving, tea, music, patterns & cultural evolution. What questions are living within you?

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