No End Incited: When is the Time For Change?

How Perennial Endings Shape a Permanent Culture — and Why That Matters

Art by Edgar Ende (pun unintended)

This essay is written as a response to the second book in my social permaculture reading list: Ends, by Joe Macleod.

Playing on the metaphor of culture, we might think of this particular stage of life as fermentation.

A pattern emerges through this book which hints at conditions in which we might cultivate healthy cultures.

Dragon Dreaming wheel: the significance of Celebration is often forgotten in approaches like Design Thinking

About Death and Griefwork

From Landscapes to Experiences

Creating “Otherness” and Pushing Problems Away

Of the 384 million disposed devices in US in 2010, only 19% were recycled.

Designing Satisfying Experiences


If those who loaned us money were available for person-to-person (or p2p) support through the ups and downs of our entrepreneurial journeys, then that moment when our net worth transcends our debt price-tag would be a moment for shared celebration.

eX de Medici (Australian, b. 1959), Unnatural History (Detonating at Bikini Atol), 2002

Permanent Culture vs Permanence Culture

Hindu goddess of destruction; this entire Age (Yuga) is dedicated to her; indicating more of what’s to come?

The Art of Sensing What’s Next

Civic Sensuality and the Mythic Archetype of the Governing Parent Body

Conscious Consumption as an Antidote to Waste

“We’re metaphorically shovelling consumption down our throats, uninterested in the taste and the aftermath.”

Designing For Access, Adaptability, Agency and Appropriate Response.

Invoking wisdom & generosity, playing with permaculture in tech. Into weaving, tea, music, patterns & cultural evolution. What questions are living within you?