Saying goodbye well and Hello

Making Space For a New Story

How to find the right question?


Start at the end.

What is going, what is going to be? What is? What since?

How could you ever know?

If you plant it, it will grow.

Reflect upon the landscape.

Like a dream

How the light and the water move

Across the horizon between spaces

Above the earth and below the sky

Which stage is the moon?

And where have you been
Or what has changed since you last asked the question?

Here. nowhere. Everything.

Anywhere that has a centre.

Now. Open.

Still Tuning in.

— Answers (and/or questions)
to guestions I get about
doing, going, being, and becoming.

The ones I give

Invoking wisdom & generosity, playing with permaculture in tech. Into weaving, tea, music, patterns & cultural evolution. What questions are living within you?

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