Silver Linings

Commons And Consciousness

Cosmic Energy by Remedios Varo (1956)

Consciousness as unmanifest.

Commons as manifested collective unconscious.

A collective which expands beyond control,

Metamicromacro patterned Being.

Who can we be in times of crises?

“Seeds lead into sparks who speak.”
Another audio recording, erased.
My tech game is weak.
I sang
and my words went unheard

Waking up to consciousness & waking up to climate.
Micro-climates and macro-climates, the conditions discovered there; boundaries of separation. Otherness.
Discovering the otherness with each other,
our irresolvable paradoxes unfold into complex emergence.

A work of art.

What did your infinite being come here to explore?
Every pleasure corresponding to a pain.
What is your obligation to the other?
What love, power, beauty and truth do you uncover?
Who is the judge of whatever is meant by ‘normal’ or, (whispered:)sane’?

The unconscious manifest. Secret rules of a collective.

The conditions of culture. The conditioning of consistency.

The dystopia of infinitely breaking shadow hell world
and the perfect stillness of this observer, riding, singing,
though hardly touching all that is required
to succeed.
No way can I come alone.
How the hell can I propose commitment from an entire crew of FOBO millenials,
who are my people? Connect, my bros, don’t you want to sail and sow?
Secure our homes and next generations,
and what about now,
and where are we going to go when the horizon catches up to today?

The cries of urgency in uncovering reality,
concept of ‘career’ gone out the basket. No more bee’s knees as usual.
Wake up and go! We wondered.
What’s keeping me here? Because it’s all I know.

Yet you know so much more than fear.
Love. Power.
The sensual vibration of lying on the bare earth,
resting under rustling leaves,
tickling the streams with your lips, stewarding a web of life from which you arose,
Which will nest you as your bones grind down to dust.
The common ground.
Who can we be? What lands we say we ‘own’, together?!
Come past the Other!
You and I and We are in this too.
Otherwise, why would you be reading me?
What resonates is ours, right now, in this digital world.

Other than keys or metal, now.

Kim Dorland (Canadian, b. 1974), Untitled, 2015

Questions for collapse; planetary or personal, economic or environmental, species-wide or simply an old story you once told about who you are.

  1. From Jem Bendell
    a. Who are your connections? Where do you connect?
    b. Create space in your life for transformation to occur.
    c. Discover new practices to support transformation.
  2. From Joe Brewer
    a.Where do you feel a lack of empowered participation?
    b.What are the structures in your life that keep you from having it?
    c. How dramatically do you need to change your situation so that those constraints are no longer there?

“We’re all going to die anyway. That doesn’t mean there’s nothing we can do about the way we live.
“It’s a peculiar thing to say, “collapse is coming so there’s nothing we can do”; that, to me, is just illogical. It means that we need to look at ways of integrating that awareness into the ways we live today.
“That can lead some people to thinking in a nihilistic and hedonistic way, but it can also lead other people to ask deep existential questions around the meaning of life, the true nature of their existence as soul, or as part of a universal being, and therefore, from that place — which tends to be one of loving compassion — then look at the world again and their choices in what they want to do in life.
“So if people are saying “collapse is coming and there’s nothing to do about it”, in sort of a disdain… a disdain for humanity and a disdain for their existence… then that’s just where they’re at. They’re disdainful. That means their confusion and anger is flowing into disdain rather than flowing into creativity, compassion and action. So I think we need to help each other … return to compassion, return to curiosity, return to creativity.”

-Jem Bendell: Source | Come Deep |

I will be continuing to play with the connections between commons, community, creativity, courage and consciousness through my work with the Permaculture CoLab, Beyond Us, a new Food Sovereignty DAO experiment, and the other complex global collaborations that I’m currently serving.

Yet to be blogged about: how my life’s work (the GRDN) addresses various common blocks in taking on an unCareer in times of unpredictability.

But who wants to sit and write essays when there are so many other ways to contribute to an omni-thriving future?

I guess the balancing continues.

Sincerely yours,

Naomi Joy Smith 🐙🌀🍀☄️🌺

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